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Jamboree Partnerships - Connecting on-site and at-distance attendees, mobile app users and SCGS website visitors - local, national and international - with your products and services.

Jamboree 2017 Partnership Opportunities

With approximately 1,500 attendees, Jamboree is the largest single Society genealogical event in the United States. Created and managed by the dedicated volunteers of the Southern California Genealogical Society. Jamboree provides to genealogists and family historians an exceptional event designed to further education, foster relationships, and provide access to the latest research techniques and services.

Who attends Jamboree?

Past surveys have shown Jamboree attendees to be avid learners and active researchers. They are the bell curve of ages and economic backgrounds. Jamboree attendees, both on-site and at-distance, have shown their love of technology by using the mobile app before, during and after the conference. The majority of our attendees subscribe to the Jamboree blog and visit the Jamboree web pages one or more times, in both locations. We actively promote our Sponsors, Exhibitors, Advertisers and Donors.

As a Jamboree partner, you join hands with the SCGS to support the Jamboree mission: to reach genealogists and family historians with world-class learning opportunities, cutting edge technology and research techniques, and innovative products and services.

Join the Jamboree family by:

  • Exhibiting – On-site and on stage
  • Advertising – Put your name front and center in our Mobile App and website
  • Donating – Build your brand's presence and support SCGS in our mission
  • Sponsoring – Enjoy added benefits before, during and after Jamboree


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Thank you for supporting Jamboree.